Beware of Exfoliating Scrubs!

Some popular skin products contain micro beads that are used for exfoliating dead skin and dirt from the body and face, but have you ever thought about the danger that they present for your eyes? These tiny pieces of plastic can accidently become lodged in your eye if you aren’t being carful about where you are placing the exfoliating scrub. There are other active exfoliating ingredients that poise just as much of a threat as micro beads in face and body scrubs including coffee grounds, sugar, and even pumice stones. Accidently getting one of these ingredients in your eye can scratch the cornea, which covers the front of your eye, or worse.

Your Precision Vision Ophthalmologist would be happy to remove any micro beads or other gritty exfoliating fragments that may become lodged in your eye. If not removed immediately, lodged micro beads can lead to corneal abrasions, deep scratches on the cornea, or even a corneal ulcer, which can permanently damage vision.

To keep your eyes free of gritty exfoliates, consider these tips below:

  • Use self-care products free of micro beads and gritty exfoliates.
  • Wash your hands before you wash your face. This will keep dirt from getting into your eye.
  • Pat—don’t rub- your face dry to avoid brushing any remaining grit into your eyes. Rubbing can may also scratch your cornea.
  • If a skin care product gets into the eye, rinse it out with clean cold water immediately.

Contact your Precision Vision ophthalmologist today if you think you have micro beads or a gritty exfoliates in your eye or if you haven’t had your annual eye exam.