3 Things to Avoid After Cataract Surgery

3 Things to Avoid After Cataract Surgery

cataract surgery midwest city ok | Precision VisionFinding out that you have to get cataract surgery can be quite a drag. However, as a routine procedure that involves taking out your cataract and placing a new artificial lens in your eye, this procedure is really nothing to worry about. However, as one of the best ways to ensure that you get the best results possible from your surgery, it’s important to ensure you are obeying the right recovery procedures. From avoiding contact sports to shielding your eyes from the sun, this article will discuss three of the things you should avoid after undergoing cataract surgery.

1.Contact Sports
Although you may enjoy that weekly pick-up game of basketball with your buddies, try to avoid any sort of contact sport following your cataract surgery. Because your eye will be both tender and sensitive, contact sports can set you up for a disaster. For instance, if you get hit In the face with a ball or an elbow, it can cause further damage to your eye and prevent it from properly healing. As a rule of thumb, wait until you get the go-ahead from your doctor at Precision Vision before starting up again.

2.Contact Lenses
Although contact lenses are completely safe for you to wear on a normal day, while your eyes are healing from cataract surgery, try to avoid wearing contacts so that they can get the oxygen they need in order to heal properly. If you aren’t used to sporting your regular glasses around the office or in front of friends, consider this the opportune time to show off a different side of you that they aren’t as familiar with.

3.Direct Contact with the Sun
After cataract surgery your eyes will be extremely sensitive to things like light and the sun. In fact, you will be sent home after cataract surgery wearing some temporary sunglasses that will shield your eyes from different angles from the sun. However, for the days following your cataract surgery, make sure that every time you leave the house you are wearing sunglasses—even if it’s just a quick trip to the mailbox.

If you are scheduled to get cataract surgery, it’s important that you know how to exactly take care of your eyes afterwards. If you would like to learn more or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Precision Vision today.

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