4 Signs Your Child Is Having Vision Problems

4 Signs Your Child Is Having Vision Problems

Vision Problems for KidsSometimes it can be hard for children to communicate what is wrong with them or to diagnose certain things that they may be experiencing, especially when it comes to their vision. If your child is experiencing things such as excessive squinting, headaches, dizziness, or they are getting tired after reading a book or staring at a screen for a short period of time, then they may need to have their eyes checked by Precision Vision. Read on to learn more about some of the signs to look for.

1.Excessive Squinting

Have you noticed that your child squints when they are trying to read, watch a movie, or look at an object in the distance? If so, this a huge indication that they are having vision problems. Squinting is indicative of both farsightedness (the inability to see things close up) and nearsightedness (the inability to see things far away).

2. Headaches

Is your child consistently complaining of their head hurting? If they are getting frequent or excessive heachaches, then this is another large indicator of vision problems. Headaches occur when an individual is trying to focus their eyes on an object consistently and their eyes are having to try to adjust— this sort of strain on your eyes ends up causing headaches that can occur on a daily basis.

3. Dizziness

Has your child been complaining of dizziness? If so, make sure to take them into their pediatrician to rule out any serious illnesses or vitamin deficiencies. If their test results come back all clear, then their dizziness may be associated with their inability to see. As mentioned in the section above, due to their eyes being constantly strained and trying to stay focused, dizziness is a symptom that can quickly and easily occur.

4. Fatigue

Does your child fall asleep after reading a book or watching a movie for a short period of time? Are they getting enough sleep but are still extra tired? If so, this sort of fatigue may be caused by additional eye strain.

Because children aren’t often very in tune with their bodies and how they are functioning and changing, they may not be able to express to you if they are having vision problems. However, by looking for the symptoms listed above, you can help your child to start seeing better once again. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Precision Vision today!

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