OPTOLOGY LENS SCIENCE is the umbrella term for all Adidas eyewear filter and glazing technology.

Perfect vision and optimal eye protection are important in both everyday life and when playing sport. Adidas eyewear is known for its use of outstanding technology in all areas of the optical sector. Its high-quality LST™ filter technology and the RXO™ concept for optical correction ensure perfect vision and top performance for sports enthusiasts. As a result of the clear restructuring of its filter and glazing technology under the umbrella term OPTOLOGY LENS SCIENCE, adidas eyewear is now creating even greater transparency and strengthening its market presence in the optics segment.

The term OPTOLOGY, originally meaning ‘eye testing’, encompasses the following four pillars at adidas eyewear: RXO, LST™ Polarized, LST™ Light Stabilizing Technology and Hydrophobic