Big Glasses: How to Stay Current on This Trend

Big Glasses: How to Stay Current on This Trend

eyeglasses oklahoma cityBig glasses have been popular among hipster crowds for decades but they are now even popular among all crowds as well— supermodels and actors alike are sporting large sized frames. If you want to get in on this fun and unique glasses trend and trade in your daily contact lenses for some new frames, make sure that you are choosing the right size, shape, and material for your face and lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

The Right Size
When it comes to choosing oversized glasses, you may assume that the larger the frames the better. However, that simply isn’t true. In order to choose the right size of frames, you need to choose some that are just slightly large for your face but that don’t consume you— you still want to be able to emphasize the rest of your features without looking like you are being swallowed up by your glasses frames. As a good rule of thumb, look for frames that don’t stick out too far away from either side of your face when you’re looking in the mirror and frames that don’t go too far above your eyebrow. If you need help choosing the right size of frame, ask one of the experts at Precision Vision.

The Right Shape
When it comes to oversized glasses, there are actually a variety of different shapes. Although most commonly, the shape is a little more square, you can choose frames that have rounded bottoms or square bottoms, or frames that have a bit more curvature around the entire thing. As a good rule of thumb when choosing the right shape of glasses for your face, if your face is a bit more round and has softer edges, then you may want to contrast those natural lines with glasses that contain harsher lines and edges. Whereas if you have an angular face and features, you may want to contrast it with frames that have rounded edges at the bottom.

The Right Material
Glasses have come a long way in regards to the materials they can be made out of. You can choose frames that are composed of plastic, metal, wood, or even recycled material. When considering what type of material you should choose, consider your lifestyle. For instance, are you more active? Do you ride your bike to work and spend your weekends hiking in the mountains? If so, you are going to want to choose a lighter weight material that won’t sit so heavily on your face. If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, then you are fine to choose frames that are a bit heavier.

Stay in touch with the latest trends in fashion and try wearing oversized frames. To learn more, contact Precision Vision today!

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