Contact Lenses

Am I a good candidate for contact lenses?

Contact lenses are available to customers in the Oklahoma City and Midwest City areas with almost every type of prescription. Our doctors can provide contact lenses for you if you have nearsightedness and farsightedness, even astigmatism or bifocals.

Close-up of blue woman eye with contact lens applying, macro lens, focus on contact lens, shallow DOF

What can I expect during my consultation?

The steps to getting contact lenses at our offices are easy and affordable. It starts with a thorough eye examination. During this exam, our doctors will evaluate your suitability for lens wear and recommend the best contact lens brand for your lifestyle. We will also educate patients on the correct way to insert the lenses into the eye, how to care for your contacts at home, and unlimited follow-up visits over a specified time.

Our Oklahoma City eye care doctors determine the proper contact lens prescription by using free diagnostic test lenses following a comprehensive visual examination. The demonstration test lenses allow the doctor and you to preview the quality of vision, as well as comfort and eye health. When vision and comfort is good, you will test a free pair of contacts for about a week.

Following that first week with your new contacts, our patients in the Oklahoma City and Midwest City areas are evaluated and the prescription contact lenses are fine-tuned for fit, comfort, eye health, and clear vision at far, intermediate, and near distances. If you have experienced any discomfort during the trial week, our doctors can recommend another contact lens brand that may be more comfortable.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in contact lenses, contact one of our Oklahoma offices today! Call (405) 733-4545 to schedule a consultation with one of our eye care specialists. 

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