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Did the Winter Storm Bring Dry Eyes? 4 Ways to Combat Them

Dry EyesWinter can wreak havoc on virtually every part of your body: your skin, nails, hair, and yes, even your eyes. If you notice that your eyes tend to get more dry in the winter, you are not alone. However, by following these four steps, you can help to combat dry eyes and start to feel like your normal self once more.

  1. Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers are great for adding moisture back into the air and helping rid your home of allergens that can cause irritation. However, did you know that humidifiers are also a great way to help ease the discomfort of dry eyes? Once you get home from work, take out your contacts and sit in a room with a humidifier. The moisture in the air will help to coat your eyes with an extra layer of moisture.

  1. Try a Damp Washcloth

It may sound like a trick out of your grandmother’s handbook, but laying  damp washcloth over your eyes will in fact help to restore moisture back to them. Just as with a humidifier, when you get home from a long day of work, take out your contacts and place a damp washcloth across the tops of your eyes. This will encourage the production of natural tears and will help your eyes to feel more moisturized.

  1. Avoid Contacts

If your eyes are feeling particularly dry, then give them a rest from your contacts. Contacts are known for being a culprit of dry eyes. Give your eyes a rest from contacts for a few days and opt to sport your glasses to work and family events instead. Then once you feel like your eyes have properly rested, try putting your contacts in one more time.

  1. Eat More Omega-3

It can seem like that just about everywhere you turn, Omega-3 is the thing that can cure just about any ailment you may be suffering from. And, as it turns out, Omega-3 is also a great solution to help clear up your eyes and make them feel less dry. Simply incorporate things like salmon or fish oil into your diet.

Dry eyes can be one of the worst symptoms of a cold, dry winter. If you are suffering from dry eyes try these following four options.

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