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How Lupus Affects Your Corneal Vision

lupus vision okSelena Gomez isn’t the only one who is negatively affected by Lupus. In fact, over 1.5 million Americans have Lupus. As an autoimmune disorder that leads to inflammation throughout the body, Lupus can target many parts of the body including the eyeballs. By causing corneal erosion, Lupus is one disease that you absolutely need to consult your ophthalmologist about. Read on to learn more about this disease and how it affects your vision.

What is corneal erosion?

Corneal erosion is a disease that affects the tissue that covers the lens of your eye. This tissue is particularly important because it protects your cornea from dirt, damage, and any form of bacteria. However, during corneal erosion, your eyes will become more susceptible to damage.

How does Lupus contribute to corneal vision?

Just like with other autoimmune disorder, Lupus produces autoantibodies that target your own health issues. Lupus in particular causes dry eyes which can lead to some corneal defects and problems. Not only is the disease itself a contributor to corneal vision problems but medications also have detrimental effects as well.

What Does Treatment Entail?

Treatment for corneal vision loss pertaining to Lupus could include a number of things. The first step, however, is to schedule a visit with a qualified optometrist from a clinic like Precision Vision. During your appointment, your optometrist will fully analyze your eyes and see what the problem is and determine if it is in fact caused by Lupus. From there, if your doctor does determine that you have corneal vision loss due to Lupus, you may either have to wear an eye patch in order to protect your eyes or you also may be given some eye drops in order to add a protective shielding to your eyes.

If you suffer from Lupus, you are not alone. As an autoimmune disorder that can affect virtually every part of your body including your eyesight, it can be a frightening disease. However, by understanding more about corneal vision loss, you can be better prepared to take care of your vision in the right way.

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