How to Pick Glasses for Your Toddler

How to Pick Glasses for Your Toddler

children's eye care ok If you’ve started to notice that your little one stands extremely close to the TV, squints when they look out the window, and is even complaining that their head hurts, they might need some glasses. However, if you’re like most parents, the thought of entrusting your tiny toddler with more than a peanut butter sandwich is beyond frightening— but add prescription glasses into the mix— forget about it. Luckily, with technology that’s designed specifically to aid small children with their vision, there are glasses for you to pick from.

Elastic Back

Depending on both your child’s age and their personality, you may want to consider getting prescription glasses with an elastic back. What do these look like exactly? Think of a swimming goggle, but without all of the suction and with prescription lenses. An elastic back will help to ensure that your child keeps the glasses on all day and that they don’t suddenly go missing. Just make sure that they are not too tight around their head because this can cause things like headaches.

Plastic Lenses

As an adult, you likely wouldn’t even spend $5 on plastic lenses for yourself, because everything you know about them isn’t very good. However, when it comes to choosing glasses for your child, plastic lenses are probably the way to go. Designed specifically to withstand things like scratches from the sandbox, plastic lenses are durable and will give you peace of mind that they won’t suddenly break.

Flexible Frames

Another great thing to consider when choosing glasses for your toddler is flexible frames. Unlike the hard plastic or metal frames that we as adults are used to, flexible frames are more durable for your little ones busy lifestyle. For example, if your child has a temper tantrum and throws their glasses on the floor, normal glasses would likely break. However, glasses with flexible frames will stay intact.
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