The Importance of Getting a Routine Eye Exam

The Importance of Getting a Routine Eye Exam

eye exam midwest city ok | Precision Vision Going to the doctor and the dentist is usually low on the priority list for many people. However, by getting routine checkups from your primary care physician you can monitor things like your blood pressure and heart rate, and by visiting the dentist on a routine basis, you can help to protect your mouth against things such as cavities. However, did you also know that it’s important to get a yearly eye exam as well? From checking your current eye prescription to checking for eye diseases like cataracts, this article will discuss the importance of getting a routine eye exam.

Your Prescription
Most people think that as soon as they get their new glasses or contacts, they don’t need to get a new prescription for another five years or so. However, because your eyes are constantly changing and adjusting, you actually need to get a new prescription for both your glasses and your contacts every year. During your yearly eye exam, the experts at Precision Vision will help determine just how much your prescription has changed, write you a new prescription, and help either order you contacts or get you new lenses for your glasses.

Eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma primarily affect an older age population. However, that doesn’t mean that just because you are young you can’t get them—especially cataracts. During your yearly eye exam at Precision Vision, your eyes will be checked for signs and symptoms of these eye diseases. If detected early on, these eye diseases can easily be treated and prevented from getting any worse later on down the line.

Going to the eye doctor once a year is a pain free and easy thing to undergo. If you haven’t been to the eye doctor in quite some time or if you simply would like to schedule your annual appointment, contact our Precision Vision office today to learn more!

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