Makeup Tricks: 3 Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Makeup Tricks: 3 Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop!

eye makeup okc | Precision Vision Whether you naturally have large eyes or if your eyes are a bit on the smaller side, nothing can make you look and feel more beautiful than having eyes that pop. By using a few fast and easy makeup tricks, you can make your eyes stand out in just a few minutes. From applying mascara to wearing a lighter eyeshadow across your eyelid, this article will discuss a few tricks that you can use. Read on to learn more.


If there is one thing you should have in your makeup bag, it is mascara. Available in varieties designed to both add volume and length to your existing eyelashes, mascara can quickly transform your eyes from drab to fab in just a few seconds. When applying mascara, make sure that you get the wand as close to your lash line as possible (without touching your eye of course) then, gently wiggle the wand up the eyelash shaft— this will help evenly distribute the mascara.

Wear Eyeliner

Other than mascara, the easiest way that you can make your eyes pop is by wearing eyeliner. However, when most people get ahold of eyeliner for the first time they tend to put too much on both top and bottom— giving them an almost gothic style look. To create a natural look, consider using a dark brown eyeliner and thinly lining the top lashes. Then take the same eyeliner, and gently line the bottom eyelashes for an extra effect. If you are new to eyeliner, try using a pencil at first because they are easier to work with.

Light Colored Shadows

As another great way to make you look alive and your eyes pop, try covering your entire lid with concealer. Concealer is a great way to help your eyeshadow last longer. Then grab a light colored eyeshadow and line the entire eyelid, bringing the shadow up closer to your eyebrow. By covering your whole eye in a light shade, your eyes will look brighter and more awake.

Make your eyes pop by using the trips listed above. If you would like to learn more about your vision health or how you can accentuate your eyes, contact Precision Vision today!



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