Need Another Excuse to Sleep More? Consider Your Eye Health

Need Another Excuse to Sleep More? Consider Your Eye Health

eye care in midwest city | Precision Vision When it comes to getting your z’s it can seem that it is not only important for your mental health to be well rested, but it is also extremely crucial for your body’s ability to function the next day. As you sleep, your body rebuilds cells and reenergizes itself to help you get through the next day with the energy that you need. However, with so many things on your plate, it can sometimes seem impossible to get even near that 8 hours of sleep a night that your doctor recommends. As one of the first indications that you are tired, your eyes can start to burn, feel heavy, and sometimes ache if you don’t get enough sleep— all of these symptoms are telling you that your eyes need the rest just as much as the rest of your body. Read on to learn more.

Burning Eyes
After not getting enough sleep, you’ve more than likely suffered from burning eyes— causing your eyes to burn and water throughout the day. But what are your burning eyes really telling you? Eye conditions like dry eyes and strained eyes can occur if you don’t give your eyes the ample amount of rest that they deserve. If you can’t get a consecutive eight hours of sleep because you have a new baby or a demanding job, try to take little naps throughout the day in order to give your eyes the rest and recuperation they need to be able to function properly.

Eye Spasms
Do your eyes start to twitch when you are extremely tired? Eye spasms occur due to sleep deprivation and can cause things like being able to focus to become virtually impossible. As mentioned above, in order to combat these eye spasms, try to either get a full eight hours of sleep at night or take small naps throughout the day in order to give your eyes the rest and relaxation they deserve— after all, nothing’s quite as obnoxious as having eye spasms.

Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
Burning eyes and eye spasms are conditions that are more annoying than detrimental to your eye health. However, if you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, you could develop a serious condition called ischemic optic neuropathy. This eye disease occurs when the optic nerve has been damaged in your eye, resulting in pain in both of your eyes and the inability to see clearly.

If you need another excuse to sleep more, don’t look any further. Not getting an ample amount of sleep each night can cause a lot of undue strain on your eyes. If you would like to learn more about your eye health or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Precision Vision today!

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