Sleepy Eyes? 3 Ways to Deal With Eye Fatigue

Sleepy Eyes? 3 Ways to Deal With Eye Fatigue

eye fatigue okc | Precision VisionWe live in a digital world where everyone is either playing Pokemon Go on their cellphone, working on their computer, or watching Netflix on their tablet. And although technology is a wonderful thing that we should embrace, sometimes things like staring at a screen all day can hurt your eyes and cause them to become extremely fatigued. Read on to learn more.

Symptoms of Eye Fatigue
If you got a good night’s sleep and you start working in front of a computer only to realize that your eyes are sore, your vision is blurry, you are experiencing double vision, or that you just feel extremely tired, then you might be suffering from eye fatigue. However, it can’t be fully diagnosed unless you get an eye exam. If you think you have eye fatigue, contact the experts at Precision Vision to schedule an eye appointment.

How to Deal With Eye Fatigue
The best approach to dealing with chronic eye fatigue is to take preventative measures against getting it. In fact, by making just a few of the changes listed below, you can help to not only restore your eyesight but feel less tired while you’re working or hanging out with family or friends.

Try the 20-20-20 Rule: As one of the most effective ways to give your eyes the relaxation they need, try the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes stare 20 feet ahead of you for 20 seconds— this will help to restore your vision and prevent against any of the symptoms you may be feeling.

Use a Glare Protector: Another method to help get rid of eye fatigue is to use a glare protector screen on your computer— this will help to cut down on the constant light that you are facing.

Eye fatigue is a serious eye condition that can cause headaches, overall fatigue, and blurred vision. If you suffer from eye fatigue and would like to schedule an appointment, contact Precision Vision today!

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