How to Lend Emotional Support to A Friend Who Just Lost Their Eyesight

Nothing can be quite as devastating as losing your ability to see. As one of the senses you use most, your vision can be considered one of the driving forces of your body. If you have recently discovered that one of your friends or family members has lost their eyesight, you may not know if there’s anything you can do to lend a hand. However, we have created an article with a few ways that you can emotionally support a friend who lost their eyesight.

Keep Them Company

Losing your vision can be beyond isolating. To help your friend not feel so alone as they adjust, try keeping them company. If your schedule permits, try going over to their house every day for the first couple of weeks. By having something to look forward to, you can help them feel less isolated.

Drive Them Round

As an adult, one of the most difficult parts about losing your vision is losing your ability to drive—-which can feel like you’re losing your independence. As your friend is transitioning, offer to drive them around so they can still get things done like grocery shopping. The more your friend feels like they’re able to do the same things as before, the easier the new transition will be.

Read to Them

To help your friend pass their time without dealing with too much boredom, try reading to them. Ask them to pick one of their favorite books and spend a little time each day reading with them. Additionally, consider helping them learn braille. As a way for the blind to read, Braille uses raised characters that you can feel with your fingers. By learning braille with your friend, you can show a great amount of support.

It’s hard to always show someone support when they are going through a difficult time. However, if your friend has recently lost their eyesight, consider using the tips above. To learn more about vision loss or care, contact Precision Vision today!

The Downfall Of Buying Glasses From An Online Store

Glasses are your most worn accessory. As such, it’s important that you get the right prescription and frames. With unlicensed online boutiques offering fashionable frames for a fraction of the price of designer ones, it can be tempting, to say the least. However, when you buy glasses online, you’re running a huge risk. From the size of your frames to the material of your lenses, this article will list three benefits of buying your glasses from a brick and mortar store like Precision Vision Boutique.

Frame Size

Everyone has different sized faces that are different shapes— making buying frames online to be extremely difficult. If you have a small face, you don’t want glasses that are overbearing. Whereas if you have a larger face, you want glasses that aren’t too small. When you buy your frames online, you are gambling with how they are going to fit your face. However, by coming into our Precision Vision boutique, you can try on all of our frames to find a pair that matches your face perfectly.

The Color

You may look online and see a model sporting a pair of red glasses only to try them on after you’ve ordered them and realize it’s not your color. Depending on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, certain colors may look better than others on you. And because your glasses are so close to your face, it’s important that you choose the right color. At our Precision Vision Boutique, we offer a broad range of styles and colors of glasses for you to try on.

The Lens Material

If you find a screaming deal online for a frame and lens combination, you might want to jump on it. However, before hitting the “buy” button, make sure that you look at the lens material— it probably is a cheap plastic that is going to scratch easily and give you glare problems. When you come into the Precision Vision Boutique, one of our staff members will go over with you all of your different lens material options so that you leave our office with a lens that will fit into your lifestyle.

Buying glasses from an unlicensed online retailer can be tempting if they are affordable. However, it is risky. By coming into our Precision Vision boutique instead, you can get it right the first time. To learn more about Precision Vision or to schedule your eye examination, contact us today!