Take Action: How to Get Rid of That Lazy Eye

Take Action: How to Get Rid of That Lazy Eye

lazy eye okc | Precision VisionYes, you may be a go-getter and the word “procrastinator” may not even be a part of your vocabulary, but just because you don’t exhibit any lazy behaviors, doesn’t mean that you can’t suffer from a lazy eye. Lazy eyes typically droop to one side and prevent an individual from making eye contact with those around them. If you suffer from a lazy eye, then one of the experts at Precision Vision will recommend that you undergo one of the following treatments.

Typically, you won’t be encouraged to wear an eye patch as an adult who is suffering from a lazy eye. However, if you have a child who has a lazy eye then this will likely be the first treatment option your optometrist will recommend. By placing a patch over your normal eye, you will help to train your lazy eye to look forward and perform like the other one. Depending on the severity of your lazy eye, it will dictate just how long you will have to wear the patch for.

Eye Drops
If you are suffering from a more mild case, then your optometrist may recommend using an eye drop rather than an eye patch. Medicated eye drops like atropine are typically used in the good eye in order to blur it. By blurring your good eye, it will force your other eye to focus and gain the strength that it needs in order to see properly.

Additionally, you will likely need to wear some prescription glasses both while your lazy eye is being fixed and afterwards. By encouraging both of your eyes to focus on seeing objects clearly, glasses will help to cure your lazy eye.

If you have a lazy eye, you may feel embarrassed and afraid. However, it is something that is very treatable. From wearing an eye patch to prescription glasses, the above three listed methods will help you to get rid of your lazy eye and start to see life in a whole new lens. To learn more, contact Precision Vision today!

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