What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts is when a your eyes lens becomes cloudy and can start to impair your vision. Typically present in adults over the age 65, cataracts can make everyday activities like reading a book or even driving to the store to become more difficult if not impossible. Luckily, there are surgical options available to help correct your vision and get rid of your cataracts. Read on to learn more.

Small Incision Surgerycataract surgery ok

Small incision surgery or known in the medical field as phacoemulsification, is the most common form of cataract surgery. By making small incisions in the eye itself, ultrasound technology is used to break up the cataract into small pieces which are then removed by a suction device. Once the cataract hasbeen removed, some patients opt to have an artificial lens or an IOL placed in their eye.

The greatest benefits to small incision surgery is that you will receive improved vision, increased mobility, increased independence, and the reassurance that you will not in fact go blind from your cataracts.

Laser Cataract Surgery

The other type of cataract surgery is called laser cataract surgery. During this type of surgery, rather than making small incisions into your eye with a medical blade or device, the laser itself will make incisions into your eye. The laser then assists the surgeon with the most delicate parts of the eye in order to properly remove the cataract without damaging the cornea itself. Just as with small incision surgery, many patients opt to have an IOL placed in their eye after the cataract has been removed in order to help sharpen their vision.


Having cataracts can be a scary and devastating part of aging. However, with surgical procedures and medical professionals like those at Precision Vision, you can get your vision and your freedom back. To learn more about cataract surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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