Understanding the 3 Types of Intraocular Lenses

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Although you may enjoy a cloudy day at the beach, the last thing you will enjoy has cloudy vision. Cataracts cause your vision to become cloudy and skewed— leaving you with the inability to see properly. Luckily, with surgery from Precision Vision, you can remove your cataracts and restore your vision in no time.

As part of cataract surgery, your natural lens will be removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens. There are three different types of intraocular lenses available including monofocal, toric, and presbyopic-correcting. This article will discuss these three different types of lenses and what they are used for. Read on to learn more.


As long as you don’t have astigmatism, a monofocal lens can be used to correct a single range of vision. For instance, if you are nearsighted, have troubles seeing a computer, or are farsighted, a monofocal lens can be used to treat one of these problems. To help correct the remaining issues, glasses or contact lenses can be used. As an extra benefit of monofocal lenses, they don’t have any glare or halos at night— leaving you feeling more confident while driving in the dark.


As mentioned previously, monofocal lenses cannot be used for patients who have astigmatism. However, toric lenses can be. Designed specifically for patients who have astigmatism, toric lenses are used to correct near, intermediate, or farsightedness.


Unlike monofocal and toric lenses that can only correct one area of your vision, presbyopic correcting can be used to correct two or more of your vision problems. Depending on your eyesight, there are different brands of presbyopic-correcting lenses that the doctors at Precision Vision may choose to use.

Cataract Surgery

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